Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Waltz of Returns and Departures

Music to accompany poem: Grande Valse Brillante in E-flat major, Op. 18 (Chopin)

                              There is no return,
                                        and there is only the return,
                                                    which inevitably moves on
                                                                    towards departure,
                                        like the Valse Brillante,
                                                    like the Polonaise...

                               How is it possible
                                        to be certain of your return,
                                                    yet genuinely not to know?
                                       Because it is only you
                                                   who can choose
                                                               to return
                                                                       or not.

                               The edifice of my certainty
                                       is a strange construction
                                                supported by one column only,
                                                           that of my faith,
                                                                        or fidelity,
                                                                                   or both.

                               Anticipation and doubt,
                                      yearning and non-fulfilment,
                                                desire and frustration,
                                                           all dance in a swirling movement
                                                                       of three quarters.

                               The rhythm of the waltz,
                                          the Valse Brillante
                                                    of Frédéric and Aurora,

                                                                in unison,
                                                                            yet separately.

                               There is no return,
                                          and there is only the return,
                                                       which inevitably moves on
                                                                    towards departure,
                                          like the Valse Brillante,
                                                      like the Polonaise.

                                                                    The Waltz by Camille Claudel